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Cultural Competence and Work-Life Balance with Dr. Cynthya Palmer

March 24, 2022 Cynthya Campbell Palmer, PhD Season 2 Episode 2
The Psychologists Podcast
Cultural Competence and Work-Life Balance with Dr. Cynthya Palmer
Show Notes

Welcome back to The Psychologists Podcast, where we talk all things psychology through a very personal lens. It's Season 2, and we're dusting off the mics and re-subscribing to a pro Zoom account. Oh, and we are figuring out how to work Twitter this year! (judge our ridiculously bad social media savvy at @psychspodcast)

Today, Gill and Julia talk with psychologist Cynthya Campbell Palmer, PhD about:

  • starting a nonprofit
  • culturally competent mental health services
  • work-life balance (including burnout red flags, passion vs. fit, individual vs. systemic responsibility)
  • the importance of having CHOICES in work and in therapy

Dr. Cynthya Campbell Palmer ( ) received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University Chicago. She has served as a director of a clinical psychology training clinic and as a clinical assistant professor. Dr. Palmer’s clinical experience includes working in medical settings as a pediatric psychologist and as a behavioral health consultant at a large federally qualified health center. In addition to providing clinical service, Dr. Palmer has worked as a researcher on various projects. Her current interests include researching mental health services among communities of color and help seeking through organizations of faith. She has published in peer-reviewed journals on topics related to mental health. She also trains, supervises and mentors pre-licensed professionals. Dr. Palmer currently owns a private practice providing therapy to youth and adults and conducts workshops and presentations on various topics related to mental health.

Honorable Mentions:

  • New Journey Counseling Center (Houston, TX metro area; coming soon!)
  • LEAD (Letting Everyone Achieve Dreams)
  • Dr. Palmer's private therapy practice:

Hosted by Gill Strait PhD and Julia Englund Strait, PhD.

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