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Sex and Relationships with Dr. Emily Fessler

April 07, 2022 Emily Fessler PhD Season 2 Episode 3
The Psychologists Podcast
Sex and Relationships with Dr. Emily Fessler
Show Notes

Funnest episode ever award goes to this one, in which we talk with Dr. Emily Fessler, sex therapist and marriage and family therapist/couples therapist and professor of MFT, about marriage and relationships, sex (yep, sex!), and the 5 Things she recommends for people looking to grow or maintain their romantic connection.

Emily Kahumoku Fessler (therapy practice web site: and Instagram: @thefullemilyexperience)  is a native Hawaiian/Irish professor of Marriage and family therapy and a private practitioner. She’s got a casual, laid-back approach to therapy (and life) and doesn’t sweat it when things get heated in session. She’s been described by one of her long-time clients as “the everyday people’s sex therapist” and can’t count on both hands how many times she been cornered at a party by someone that says, “Can I ask you a weird question?”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Barry MCarthy (sex researcher)
  • “The 5 Things” you can do to maintain/build your romantic relationship
  • Responsive sexual desire

Recommended Reading:

  • The 80/80 Marriage, by Kaley Klemp and Nate Klemp PhD
  • Come As You Are, by Emily Nagoski PhD (women-targeted)
  • She Comes First, by Ian Kerner PhD (husband-targeted)

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