The Psychologists Podcast

On the Spectrum with Dr. Amy Izuno-Garcia

June 20, 2022 Gill and Julia Strait Season 2 Episode 8
The Psychologists Podcast
On the Spectrum with Dr. Amy Izuno-Garcia
Show Notes

Dr. Amy Izuno-Garcia is an autism expert–And she’s been in the autism field since she was in diapers. We have just enough time today to scratch the surface of one of the biggest discussions in psychology right now: the autism spectrum.

Honorable Mentions:

-career/grad school journey to autism work

-self-diagnosis vs. clinical diagnosis 

-parents seeking diagnosis after their child is diagnosed

-late diagnosis (adults)

-the secret social rule book

-why is it not ok to say “We’re all a little autistic”?

-diagnosing, overidentifying, and overidentifying WITH, clients

-neurodiversity, vs. disability/disorder

-what’s the best way to “test for autism”?

-masking, camouflaging

-what is the “core” of autism?


Amy Izuno-Garcia is currently finishing her PhD in school psychology from the University of Houston and her doctoral internship at Marcus Autism Center in the clinical assessment and diagnostics track. Her research and clinical interests surround improving outcomes for individuals on the autism spectrum through the provision of high-quality assessment, intervention, and consultative services. Her passion for this work is inspired by her experience growing up with family members on the spectrum. In her free time, she enjoys buying too many clothes at thrift stores, playing video games, and trying new restaurants with her husband.