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Cheese Grits and Kimchi: Bullying and Identity Development with Dr. Sam Kim

July 15, 2021 Samuel Kim, PhD Season 1 Episode 11
The Psychologists Podcast
Cheese Grits and Kimchi: Bullying and Identity Development with Dr. Sam Kim
Show Notes

Welcome to The Psychologists Podcast, where we talk about all things psychology through a very personal lens.

How do our early experiences and unique cultural backgrounds shape our passions…and our sense of compassion? Today we talk to Dr. Sam Kim about growing up Korean American in Georgia, the teacher who called him “purple or something”, and how his experiences shaped his research and teaching on self-efficacy, bullying, and positive psychology. 

Dr. Kim’s YouTube channel: Joon and Dr. Sam 

Honorable Mentions:

-Korean American mental health

-growing up Korean American in Georgia


-Positive racial identity is linked to well-being

-the model minority myth

-phenomenological variant of ecological systems theory

-imposter syndrome


-social support

-first-generation college student problems

-proactive empathy (TM)

-How to talk to—instead of lecture—your kid(s)

-Making yourself available

Memorable Moments:

“You don’t meet many people who like cheese grits and kimchi”

“Parts made in Korea, assembled in the US”

“When you have to hide parts of yourself…you start to lose your sense of confidence”

“I wanted to know, Where do people get the idea that they can do something?”

“There’s so much variation, in the worst way, of how bullying is done”


Dr. Sam Kim is an assistant (recently tenured and promoted to associate) professor at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX (and soon to be faculty member at University of Denver). He received his BA from Emory University and his PhD from Georgia State University. As a licensed psychologist and an LSSP, he as worked in a variety of settings and provided a range of psychological services. His research interests include positive psychology, measurement, bullying, and Korean American mental health. He is also a big fan of Star Trek, various anime, and video games. 


Gill Strait PhD and Julia Strait PhD are both Licensed Psychologists (TX) and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSPs, TX). They are alumni of The University of South Carolina School Psychology Doctoral Program (Go Gamecocks).

Gill is a teacher, researcher, and supervisor at a university graduate psychology training program.

Julia is a testing psychologist at Stepping Stone Therapy in Houston, TX: Instagram: @drjuliatx