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Adulting with Physical Disabilities: Katie and Kyle Abbate

July 27, 2021 Katie and Kyle Abbate Season 1 Episode 13
The Psychologists Podcast
Adulting with Physical Disabilities: Katie and Kyle Abbate
Show Notes

Let’s talk about physical disability. Katie and Kyle Abbate join us today to share their experiences growing up with cerebral palsy…their struggles, supports, and strengths in their families and at school, on their career paths, in dating and in their marriage, and as they consider potential parenthood.

Honorable Mentions:

-terminology: “Visible” and “invisible” disability, “differently abled,” “special needs”

-CLASS program (TX): 

-how Katie answers kids who ask “what’s wrong”


-finding a career (in gaming, sports, education, and school psychology)…and then a job

-People with disabilities make up 20% of the population!

-the importance of support systems

-the need to carefully plan things some people don’t ever have to think about at all

-caregivers’ roles

-thoughts/concerns of a newly married couple about the reality of potentially being disabled parents

-advice for parents of kids—and kids, and adults—with disabilities

-“Never stop advocating for your kids” (Katie)

-planning the details…and then letting go of control (an acquired mindset :))

Kyle’s channel (accessibility in gaming): onehandmostly - YouTube › channel

Katie and Kyle Abbate are a married couple living with Cerebral Palsy. Kyle uses social media as a platform to advocate for accessibility in gaming. Katie is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology who works in a public school district in the Houston area. 

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