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The Right Way to Read to Your Kids with Dr. Jorge Gonzalez

August 13, 2021 Jorge Gonzalez, PhD Season 1 Episode 15
The Psychologists Podcast
The Right Way to Read to Your Kids with Dr. Jorge Gonzalez
Show Notes

Back to school, back to school...

Calling all parents and teachers! Learning to read begins long before a kid ever walks into a classroom. Jorge Gonzalez, PhD, early literacy expert, assuages our fears about whether we’re reading to our kids right…and stirs up some new ones about system failures and instructional casualties. You’ll want to write all this down, so grab a notebook and strap in for a wild ride of the Letter People, print-rich environments, pairing nonfiction and fiction, clearly depictable vocabulary, high-utility words, one-trial learning, and the Simple View of Reading. Plus, how will COVID and iPads change the way kids get interested in reading? Why does my child learn words like “sh*t” faster than “please” and “thank you”—and more…


Parent/teacher resource Dr. Gonzalez mentions: Reading Rockets:

Jorge Gonzalez, PhD is Professor and Director of the School Psychology Doctoral Program at the University of Houston. Dr. Gonzalez’s scholarship focuses on the causes and correlates of early language and literacy difficulties in young children with a focus on adult-child interactive reading in the context of dual language learners. His work addresses inquiries relevant to children’s home literacy environment (HLE), the effects of teacher talk around shared reading, longitudinal effects of evidence-based shared reading interventions, and investigating the heterogeneous nature of language and literacy subtypes of at-risk children. He is a prolific researcher whose work has been funded by the Institute of Educational Sciences. 


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