The Psychologists Podcast

Infertility and Adoption with Wizzy and Joe (and Dov!) Berry

August 30, 2021 Wizzy and Joe Berry Season 1 Episode 16
The Psychologists Podcast
Infertility and Adoption with Wizzy and Joe (and Dov!) Berry
Show Notes

***TW: We discuss pregnancy loss throughout the episode. 

**Explicit: This episode breaks the Psychologists Podcast record for F word utterances. We also talk about sex :0 

Wizzy and Joe recount their rollercoaster journey from the heartache and trauma of loss and infertility to the joy of adoption. We talk about IUI, IVF, pregnancy in the time of Zika, reaction formation, “situations”, challenging the adoption “rescue narrative”, inequities in parental leave for adoptive parents, cautious optimism vs. tempered expectations, what not to say to women, and post-traumatic growth. Plus, have you ever been fired as a patient, but then re-hired by the same clinic as a healthcare provider? Wizzy has! Pull up a seat and get ready to cry tears of all kinds as you get to know these amazing parents.

Wizzy Ugino Berry is a nurse anesthetist who works on the call team at a level 1 trauma center where she specializes in pediatric anesthesia. Wizzy moonlights at a fertility clinic, where she fell in love with the patient population after undergoing her own struggles with infertility. 

Wizzy’s free spirit is often foiled by her intense husband, Joe Berry, who is a litigation attorney with a practice focusing on business and governmental disputes, eminent domain, and professional negligence. 

Joe started his legal career as a prosecutor before moving to his current civil practice. Prior to law school, Joe worked in New York as a community organizer. He continues to stay active in his community and serves on the boards of SC Appleseed and Pawmetto Lifeline. Wizzy and Joe were married in 2014 and currently reside in Columbia, SC, where they raise their 18 month old son, Dov, and their 2 monster mutts, Tank and Xyla.

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