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Racial Trauma and Racial Socialization with Dr. Isha Metzger

September 01, 2021 Isha Metzger, PhD Season 1 Episode 17
The Psychologists Podcast
Racial Trauma and Racial Socialization with Dr. Isha Metzger
Show Notes

Superhero Isha Metzger, an academic who actually helps people (!), talks to us about racial stressors, racial socialization, and racial trauma, both as a professor/researcher/psychologist and from her own lived experience. If you’ve started to wonder (and I hope you have!) how we should be talking about race with our kids, what to do as a clinician working with people with different backgrounds or beliefs, or how to just stop saying/doing stuff that hurts other people, listen in for some research-backed tips. - Isha’s podcast, the Empower Lab, Racial Trauma Guide, Care Package for healing from racial trauma, and all the things. 


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Dr. Isha Metzger is a first generation American from Atlanta, Georgia by way of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Dr. Metzger is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Director of The EMPOWER Lab, Owner of Cultural Concepts, LLC, a Certified Therapist in Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT), and she is the Mental Health expert for Salone Health, an organization dedicated to improving the health of Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. Dr. Metzger is currently an Assistant Professor of Clinical-Community Psychology at Georgia State University.

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