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Chris Ponce Loves His Job (as a school psychologist)

September 26, 2021 Christopher Ponce Season 1 Episode 18
The Psychologists Podcast
Chris Ponce Loves His Job (as a school psychologist)
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Co-host of the new TASP Talks Podcast Chris Ponce shares his experiences working as a school psychologist in the San Antonio schools, before and after COVID and Zoom. Join us as we wax poetic about helping kids and prepare for the greatest season of all, #SchoolPsychWeek ...which is in November, but still.

#Schoolpsych graduate students, interns, and early career peeps will find this especially interesting, but everybody likes the Elmo Potty Song, so don't miss it even if you're just a regular human, either. (Plus, our guest interviews US at the end, and you might just find out which one swam in trash cans as a child!)

Honorable Mentions:
-Dr. Jeremy Sullivan, the Silver Fox
-Bases of power
-the Elmo Potty Song
-SES and parent involvement
-Advice for school psych students/interns/supervisees
-Pros and cons of telehealth for school psychs
-FBAs, MDRs, REEDs, ARDs, and IEPs, OH MY!
-Social capital (and how to build visibility during a pandemic)
-the CSRPI ("Crispy")
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To find out more about becoming a #schoolpsychologist ...or to learn more about what the hell that even is, visit the Texas Association of School Psychologists at
Chris Ponce, LSSP is a school psychologist (#saymyname!) =currently employed in a public district in San Antonio. He graduated from UTSA in 2016 and has been practicing for five years. He has been on the Texas Association of School Psychologists (TASP) board for the past two years. He has occupied the position of Public Relations and Information Chair and is currently the Area 5 representative (region 20 & 15). He is also the host of the newly formed TASP TALKS podcast.
Welcome to The Psychologists Podcast, where we talk about all things psychology through a very personal lens.

Gill Strait PhD and Julia Strait PhD are both Licensed Psychologists (TX) and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSPs, TX). They are alumni of The University of South Carolina School Psychology Doctoral Program (Go Gamecocks).

Gill is a teacher, researcher, and supervisor at a university graduate psychology training program.

Julia is a testing psychologist at Stepping Stone Therapy in Houston, TX: Instagram: @drjuliatx

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