The Psychologists Podcast

SPECIAL MINISERIES Ep. 1: Miss Diagnosis

October 12, 2021 Julia Strait Season 2 Episode 1
The Psychologists Podcast
SPECIAL MINISERIES Ep. 1: Miss Diagnosis
Show Notes

What is WRONG with me?
Is this "normal"?
Do I have ADHD? Autism? PTSD? OCD?
How can we best help our kid/partner/selves?
What parts of me are "baked in" and what can I actually change?
Is there a reason I do the things I do?

This is the first in a miniseries of short episodes on psychological assessment, AKA diagnostic evaluation, AKA, psychological testing.

So many people ask me what I do, and even mental health professionals look confused when I say I mostly do psychological assessment. What the hell is that? Is that like, therapy? Or like, for disability checks? Or like, for court when you're accused of murder?

Yes and no. Sort of. It depends.

If you are a human and you have questions about yourself (or your child)--why you are the way you are, what's "wrong" with you, whether you're "normal," or why years of self-help/medications/therapy haven't been helpful, you might benefit from getting a psychological assessment.

In this mini-series I'll dive into what assessment is, the details of the process and what to expect if you do decide to get one (or are told that you need to by a doctor, therapist, or school!), the different models and tools assessors use, and the crazy maze of psychological diagnosis and all its inherent wonders and problems. We'll also talk about how to find someone to do an assessment, how to pay for it (hint: insurance usually covers it), and what you can get out of it that you can't get from therapy or a visit to the doctor.

Look for polls and comment on posts on my Instagram @drjuliatx as we go through the series. I want to know what you want to know!

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